Special Design Lighting

Just send us the photo of the product you desire, and let us produce it for you. You can follow us at INSTAGRAM.

Edisson Bulb

You may find different kinds of Edisson bulbs at our store.

Ottoman Series

Inspired by Anatolian, Ottoman, Byzantine, Pers and Maroc cultures, you may find these lamps very attractive for your boutique hotel, home lighting etc. All of the metal parts in these products are made from brass.

Ceiling and Floor Fans

In this categorie you may find ceiling and floor fans in different shapes, colours and styles.

New Tiffany Table Lamps

Tiffany style table lamps are newly entered to our stocks.

Marquee Sign

Marquee signs are here !!!
INDOOR LIGHTINGIndoor lighting section will give you the opportunity to choose between various number of ...
OUTDOOR LIGHTINGAt outdoor lighting you may find products for garden, parc, pool, environement, paysage, b...
DISCO STAGE LIGHTINGIn this categorie you may find laser lighting, lighting effects, moving head, led stage li...
LIGHTING COMPONENTSYou may find different electrical components such as lamps, lampbases, cables in this cate...
DECORATIONDecoration products such as ladders, chairs, trash cans etc. can be viewed in this categor...
Decorative Circular Ceiling Light
Decorative Acrobat Table Lamp
Classic Brass Picture Lighting